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I participate in the Food Program. I provide nutritionally balance meals and snacks for your child and receive a small reimbursement. The registration Form must be filled out and dated before your child’s first day. Please do not send any food or drink with your child without prior approval through the provider. Please see Activities for a list of meal times; if your child arrives after a meal or snack has been served, he/she will wait until the next meal/snack time to eat. Meals and snacks are served family style. Children are encouraged to use this time to share their experiences with each other. Manners are taught, and practiced during this time as well. Please list on the medical report any food allergies child may have. If your child needs a special diet, the parent must furnish these foods.

The following is a sample menu for one week to give you an idea of what food items are served, but items are not limited to the items shown here nor does each week include all of these meals or menu combinations.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Milk, Apple Slices, & Cereal Milk, 100% Juice Punch, & Toast Milk, 100% Orange Juice, & Cereal Milk, 100% Juice Punch Milk, 100% Orange Juice
Lunch Milk, Potato, Pears, Bread, & Ham Milk, Fruit Cocktail, Cucumber, Cheeseburger on bun Milk, HM Pizza with Canadian bacon, Peaches Milk, Hotdog on bun, carrot sticks, & apple Milk, Meatloaf, Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Roll
PM SnackPotato Wedges & Cheese DipCantaloupe & Graham CrackersMilk & BananaApple Juice & Goldfish Crackers100% Juice Punch & Animal Crackers

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