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Age appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility allowed to respond to the needs of the individual child and day. I will offer times for outside play, crafts, stories, instruction, and naps appropriate to the child's ages, interests, and abilities. I will provide your child with tender loving care, understanding, patience and guidance in a happy family setting. Chores, such as picking up, putting dishes in the dishwasher, helping to sort laundry will likely be a part of the day. I provide preschool curriculum, developing large and small motor skills. We do many arts and crafts where the focus is on the process, not the product. Free play is an important part of a child's early years. It is here that they learn social skills that will be needed the rest of their lives.


I allow limited TV viewing consisting of Nickelodeon, PBS and the Disney Channel only. On occasion I let the children pick a child appropriate video to watch. Children are NEVER required to sit and watch TV, and TV is not offered in place of Free Play or Learning Activities.


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