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FOR CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 18 MONTHS (and those not yet potty trained and/or weaned from the bottle)

1. Diapers or Pull-ups, 1 full package. They will be stored in your child’s cubby and I will notify you when the supply is low.

2. 1 - box of baby wipes.

3. 2 - bottles and 1 pacifier and pacifier fastener to be left here. It will not be necessary for you to send bottles daily.

4. 2 - changes of clothing (T-shirt, sleeper, outfit, and socks). Careful attention must be paid to maintain current sizes left here. I will launder these as needed and notify you when more are needed.

5. Any cream, powder, etc. that you wish me to use.

6. Baby Tylenol or Oriel, if you wish it to be used.

Note: If you prefer not to supply these items to be left here, you may send them daily in a diaper bag. The option of leaving these items here is for your convenience and is not required. However, all of the above items are required for me to care for your child, so they will need to be brought daily. Again, if you choose not to supply me with the required items, I will purchase them for you and you will be responsible for the cost.

Toilet Learning:

I will assist you in toilet training your child with the understanding that it will be successful only if we work together. I will use cotton underwear or pull-ups supplied by the parent. Send your child ONLY in easy on/easy off clothing until they are able to completely undress and dress themselves. I required at least 5 complete changes of clothing during Toilet Learning. I do not launder soiled items and will send them home in a plastic bag. Please replace any clothing sent home the next day.

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